Unexpected visitors

Unexpected visitors

Some unexpected visitors joined us for daily Mass in Hamilton this morning.

As I was walking across the carpark towards the church (which at 9:30 was already baking in the summer heat) a mini-van pulled up beside me. I watched in astonishment as one habited sister after another emerged from the car.

The sight was so unexpected that it invited comparison (in my mind) to the old cliché of one clown after another, emerging from a comically small clown car. In light of that, this photo of the good sisters, which evokes the Benny Hill era of comedy sketches, is curiously apropos:

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The Sisters of the Immaculata are making a pilgrimage to Penola to honour St Mary of the Cross. Like hundreds of other pilgrims who pass through Hamilton every year, they came to pray at the grave of Mary’s father Alexander, who died and was buried in Hamilton in 1868.

The Immaculata community is in its infancy, so the sisters have, no doubt, a lot to confide in St Mary. And Mary, being herself the co-founder of a new community, is bound to sympathise. Still, you might add your own prayers to theirs.

The sisters’ primary apostolate is the spiritual renewal of parishes by means of adoration of the Eucharist and the catechesis of young adults. You can find out more on their website.

Before today I was not, I must confess, aware of this community. But I did recognise one of the postulants from my seminary days. She has since graduated from the JPII Institute for Marriage and the Family, where she received several academic prizes. And one of the sisters’ pre-postulants is from the Ballarat diocese. God is good!

Especially recommended to me — a favour I’m now passing on — is an interview with the community’s founder, recently broadcast on Sydney’s Catholic radio station. You can listen to Mother Mary Teresa’s story at Cradio.

  • Simon Hogan

    Hello Fr. John
    This post reminds me of ad made in Ballarat the nuns on the bus going to Ballarat Cheapest Cars! People in Western District will know what I am talking about.
    The other day I was at Holy Family church at Mount Waverly and Sisters of Peter Claver was visiting the church talking about their missionary in India and other countries.
    Now I need some help I have had some trouble finding some of my favourite hymns on you tube could someone guide me to the right correction!
    The hymns I am look for are Come and Out and ring out of joy and Come To the Feast and the words are come to water!
    If you can help that would be great. I got these hymns in my head all the time!
    Well the Hamilton races got transfered from Terang for Sunday racing. Don’t know the reason maybe track might be too hard do you know anything about this Fr. John?
    Well tonight there is Cricket on Sydney and racing at Canberuary night racing and also in Melbourne at Moonee Valley my tips are for the valley
    Race6 No8
    Ballarat races on Sunday
    Race2 No10. Trained my Michael Corrigan!
    Race3 No9
    Race4 No9.
    Race7 No3.
    Race8 No11.

    Now for Terang they are having the trots on tomorow night then the races on Sunday last Sunday they had their Cup!
    If go to Warrnambool on Princess Highway to Melbourne you go past there good golf course and church. I must admit I thought church looks a library. Terang racecourse is called Flemington of the bush!
    Terang tips
    Race1No8 Golden Perfume
    Race2 No.4 King Zero
    Race 3 No6 and 10
    Race6 No14
    Race 7 No3.
    Finally Black Cavier is the expecting to back racing Saturday week! I have tos say I email Bishop Bird about the Coffee Place in Warrnambool called Bright Bird but I forgot to mention what does he think of this blog! Well I took Deacon James Kerr who becoming a priest later this year there last week so I am sure he talking about this trip to Warrnambool at Corpus Christi this week!
    Thankyou for atttention and have a wondeful weekend from Simon the Pieman.

  • Bek

    This was exciting to see!! I’ve known the Immaculata Sisters for a little while now, but I’ve been out of the loop whilst I was discerning religious life as a novice. It is good to see that they are getting new vocations – I was unaware they had a new postulant, with more pre-postulants discerning! Blessed be God, what wonderful news 🙂

    The sisters came to the USA and I studied with them for a time last Summer, just before I received the habit. It was a privelege to be in the same class as them and have the benefit of their questions and insights!

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