No sex before marriage?

Oh no! I’m falling out of the blogging habit! Doesn’t take long.┬áHere’s something to get me back into the habit of posting. Someone sent me this on Facebook.

“Why should I save myself for marriage?”

It packs a lot in, and communicates it effectively. What do you think?

  • MuMu

    Excellent! I hope Catholic Minute puts out lots more of this kind of thing, including vids on how men don’t want to marry girls who look cheap and nasty! It’s a great marketing tool to use young men as the authors of these vids. Until the culture is changed, abortion will continue and cause society to collapse because of its profound ramifications.

  • Matthias

    Hope yet on this Day that the UK parliament went back down the road to recusancy. if this was by a Modern middleaged catholic or protestant it would talk about relativism and love.
    God Bless Fr

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