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Bad spirits in Rome; encouragement and hope in Assisi

Bad spirits in Rome; encouragement and hope in Assisi

I'm not long back from an exorcism course in Rome, which was filled with good content. But I have a love-hate relationship with Rome. I love its history, and its beautiful churches, and its food. And yet there's an oppressive spirit about Rome which I hate. That...

Seven myths about Confession

Today's post is by a guest blogger, whom you can follow at — a catchy name, no? 😉 Clearly God has a sense of humor.  For what other reason, in preaching to us today about Reconciliation, is he quite literally tickled pink!  I mean look at...

Shine on the world like bright stars

Cast back your minds, and remember . . . Where were you the day Mary MacKillop was declared Australia’s first saint? Some of you might have been in Penola with 8,000 pilgrims at an open-air Mass. I was in a smaller crowd — 5,000 pilgrims — at the Royal Exhibition...

Exercising prudence in an intemperate world

Many Catholics, motivated by the noblest intentions, counsel prayerful silence in the midst of current events. It's a compelling case I think, invoking the Holy Father's meditation on our Lord's prophetic silence. More important still is the care we (the Church — all...

The wrongful conviction of Cardinal Pell

We live in sad times. I lost my faith in the institutional Church years ago. The systemic cover up of crimes and the enabling of predator priests is beyond the pale. If I didn't have a supernatural outlook and focus on Christ himself, there is no way I'd persevere...

Jordan Peterson in Australia

Last November, when I drew the name of my 18-year-old brother in the family Kris Kringle, I knew the perfect Christmas present for him. I'd buy him a ticket to Jordan Peterson's lecture in Melbourne! A red pill given with love! Or so I told myself. The reality is less...

Fight the good fight: sanctify yourself and others

There are enemies inside the Church today. The Catholic hierarchy is gravely compromised; infiltrated by moral perverts and dissenters; hypocrites and false prophets; wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m not saying this to shock anyone; it’s a matter of record. As Pope...


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