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Seven myths about Confession

Seven myths about Confession

Today's post is by a guest blogger, whom you can follow at — a catchy name, no? 😉 Clearly God has a sense of humor.  For what other reason, in preaching to us today about Reconciliation, is he quite literally tickled pink!  I mean look at...

Shine on the world like bright stars

Cast back your minds, and remember . . . Where were you the day Mary MacKillop was declared Australia’s first saint? Some of you might have been in Penola with 8,000 pilgrims at an open-air Mass. I was in a smaller crowd — 5,000 pilgrims — at the Royal Exhibition...

Exercising prudence in an intemperate world

Many Catholics, motivated by the noblest intentions, counsel prayerful silence in the midst of current events. It's a compelling case I think, invoking the Holy Father's meditation on our Lord's prophetic silence. More important still is the care we (the Church — all...

The wrongful conviction of Cardinal Pell

We live in sad times. I lost my faith in the institutional Church years ago. The systemic cover up of crimes and the enabling of predator priests is beyond the pale. If I didn't have a supernatural outlook and focus on Christ himself, there is no way I'd persevere...

Jordan Peterson in Australia

Last November, when I drew the name of my 18-year-old brother in the family Kris Kringle, I knew the perfect Christmas present for him. I'd buy him a ticket to Jordan Peterson's lecture in Melbourne! A red pill given with love! Or so I told myself. The reality is less...

Fight the good fight: sanctify yourself and others

There are enemies inside the Church today. The Catholic hierarchy is gravely compromised; infiltrated by moral perverts and dissenters; hypocrites and false prophets; wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m not saying this to shock anyone; it’s a matter of record. As Pope...

The boundless limits of God’s mercy

Auschwitz. The most notorious concentration camp in history. The commandant of Auschwitz was Rudolf Höss, who personally perfected the Nazis’ mass murder techniques. During his four year leadership at Auschwitz, three million prisoners were killed. Survivors of...


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