The Priest journal

The Priest journal

The reason I didn’t blog much in November is that I was preparing the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy’s journal The Priest, which was posted out this week.

I order my duties in a hierarchy of priority: parish obligations first, diocese second, Opus Dei third, blog fourth. But the blog gets bumped to fifth if something else intervenes, like the bursts of activity that an editorship entails.

Anyway, the issue is out now. Here’s a preview. If you’d like to read more, but you’re not a subscriber, you’d better join the ACCC!

From the Editor

  • Collin Nunis

    Just received my copy of “The Priest” in the mail today. Nice work Padre. 🙂

  • Cathy

    Lovin’ “speck the altar boy” cartoon!

  • Peter

    A great first edition Fr John.
    The introduction of a review of online resources to deepen faith life is an excellent addition.
    It is worth paying your $25 annual membership fee to the ACCC just to receive your two editions of The Priest.
    Keep up the good work

  • MuMu

    Terrific news, Fr John. Especially possibility of letters and q & A sections – lots of work for you, but the first read in most publications. Specially like that the next of The Priest is being sent to every priest in the nation. Hope you receive lots of subscription requests!

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