The Jesse Box

The Jesse Box

The Jesse Box is a great new product for family catechesis, which evokes something of the Montessori Method.

It is a means to introduce young children to “Boible stories,” as they’re described on the promotional video, and it’s also a conduit to family prayer. The product is shipped with resources for Advent and Lent, but resources relating to other liturgical seasons and scriptural narratives are available free to download.

The Jesse Box itself costs only $60 if ordered from Ireland or America, although I imagine the shipping costs are significant.

It would be good to see an Australian distributor lined up.

  • Florence

    The Catholic Education Office of the Archdiocese of Melbourne train Catechists to teach in a fun way to children. We also have great teachers who train Catechists in doing the Childrens Liturgy in a way that children find very interesting and in this manner they learn and remember.

  • McCormack

    Religious education is the responsibility of the parents. What a fantastic tool to help kids understand the life of Our Lord, so that they might hunger and thirst for more later in life.

  • Florence

    Yes, I think the Jesse Box should be made available in Melbourne so that it would help with Family Prayer.

  • Joel

    “Hello, Oim Jerry…”

    Ha ha. He was trying so hard as well.

  • Hi Oim Gerry

    Thanks for viewing our web site and video. The world is getting small. We would love to find a distributor for the Jesse Box. If anyone is interested drop me a line also have a look this weekend at our new story the wedding feast of Cana. Fr john thanks for posting this we are trying to find a way to get a Jesse box to you. please keep us and our work in your prayers.

    God Bless from Ireland

    • Ha ha. I’m glad you have a sense of humour Gerry! The way Australian laws are going, you could have shut down this blog and dragged Joel and me to court if you chose to be offended!

      At the time I posted this, I contacted a local Catholic co-operative and alerted them to the possibility of Jesse Box distribution rights. I hope you find someone soon!

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