Remembering St John Paul II

Remembering St John Paul II

In April 2005, at the time of Pope John Paul II’s death, I was only a few months into my seminary studies. The whole College assembled in the refectory to watch his funeral, but I have no memory of it.

I can picture the Book of Gospels on his coffin, blown open by the wind. And I can recall then-Cardinal Ratzinger’s evocative homily, describing the late pope standing at the window of his room in the Father’s house, bestowing a blessing upon us. But those moments are easily relived on Youtube, so it may be repeated viewings that engrained them in my memory, not a recollection of the funeral itself.

A few weeks later, the seminary cohort again assembled in the Cluny refectory, again around the big screen, to watch the inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI. I remember that occasion much better, if only because a wide selection of German beers were available at the bar!

It’s hard to believe this all happened ten years ago. Some of the current crop of seminarians were still in primary school. That may not be the case for first year seminarian Andrew Kwiatkowski. I think he was already in secondary school — but only just! In this latest instalment of Corpus Christi College’s video series on the saints, Andrew recalls his own memories of the pope’s funeral, and the impact the great man had on him.

Andrew’s reflections remind me of a newly published book that one of the third year seminarians, James Baptist, has highly recommended to me: St John Paul the Great: his five loves, by Jason Evert. It is especially suited to young people, most of whom have a limited memory of John Paul II, and no attachment to him.

This book, James tells me, changes that. It fosters in a new generation of Catholic youth the sort of love and affection which my own generation had for our dear Holy Father. It’s on my reading list; add it to yours!

  • Jack

    I read it earlier this year Fr, not having many memories of JP myself, and found it really excellent. It’s inspired me to read George Weigels rather more extensive biography. I’m only half way through it, but it’s also very good. I reconverted through Benedict’s papacy, and largely because of his writing, but this has inspired me to persevere with some of JP2’s writing (last week I read Fides et Ratio). Couldn’t recommend Everetts book enough, it’s very easy reading, and gives the reader a good sense of what’s important.

  • Fr Joel

    I remember watching it in my first year at the seminary. A few of the priests around were wiping tears from the eyes. I thought that was a bit much, but have since realised how affectionate and quite attached one can get to certain Popes.

  • Simon Hogan

    Hello Everyone yes it Victoria Derby Day tomorrow!
    So in Race1
    7. He’s Oour Rokki
    6. Greddington

    12. C’est Beau La Vie
    14. Dawn of Hope
    1. My Poppette

    11. Hosting
    4. Charlie Boy
    7. Charmed Harmony

    3.Super One- Is trained in the Sout West at Crossely
    8. Sebring Sun

    10. Ethopia- Hasn’t won since 2012 it is due!
    2. Hawkspur
    9. Thundar Lady

    15. Set Square
    14. Rising Romance
    13. Stratum Star
    Race7 It is Victorian Derby For three boys horses!Or colts!
    13. Pay Up Bro
    4.Ayres Rock
    1. Lizard Island

    My numbers are
    6. Jessy Belle
    12. Fenway
    9. Abidewithbe

    10. Churchill Dancer
    13. Countryman
    1. Moment of Change
    Victoria Derby Day is day to tradionally top hats and wear black and white clothes! That might suit you Fr. Corrigan! Happy Punting and Happy weekend from Simon the Pieman.

  • Simon Hogan

    Hello I back for some more tips for you! Sorry I didn’t put any on Cup! I did sent them through to Fr.Corrigan! But something must have had happen! Sorry if you were waiting!
    Big Two Group One’s at Flemington tomorrow!
    Race One
    7. War Hero
    4. Nine Clouds
    8. Missrock
    8. Prizum
    6. Pacific Heights
    15. Honey Steel’s Gold
    7. Crime Fighter

    2. Dandino
    1. Beaten Up
    4. Bonfire

    6. Flying Spark
    1. Demonstrate
    4. Kracken

    2.Rhytm To Share
    3.Streets Away
    10. Inspector
    4. Setinum

    The Group One Sprint
    8. Srikandi
    1. Buffering
    4. Terravista

    Race7. The Emirates Stakes Group One
    15. Coronation Shallan- Might mate Brett Scott trains this and he is chasing his first Group One win!
    12. Sons of John- His horse might run a cheeky race for you Fr. Corrigan!
    13. May’s Dream- is based in Warrnambool ready to fire!
    6. Magic Artist- Good horse ready to do something!

    8. Mangeress
    5. Casino Dancer
    15. Spanish Love
    2. Thunder Lady

    Race9 Lucky Last
    4. Gracious Prospect
    6. Chile Express
    5. Java
    13. Staviva
    All of these are Each Way bets! Happy Punting and have a happy Weekend!

  • Simon Hogan

    Well I am back for more tips this week big Cup Day at Dunkeld tomorrow and Sandown too! You watch both on tv!
    Dunkeld is in Country Victoria apart of the grampians!
    At Sandown
    50 years of this track birthday!
    Race1No1 Jackson
    Race2No Navita
    Race3No5. Gracious Prospect and 10. Bring Me the Maid
    6. Hosting
    3. Star Rolling
    4. Tall Ship
    4. Desert Jeuney
    7. Digitalism
    13. Guard
    No13 The Grey Flash
    5. Gredington
    11. Shockaholic

    No4. Precedence- A Cummings runner with M. Payne riding!
    8. Renew
    1. The Offer
    3. Coronation Shallan
    11. Mossbeat
    7. Precious Gem
    All of these are Each way bets happy weekend and happy punting.

  • Simon Hogan

    Here is some potery from John Shaw Neilson who lived in the Western Victoria! Have more for you later in the week! I think he lived in Minimay for a little.
    Quietly as tears fall
    On a wild sin,S
    Softly as griefs call
    On a violin
    Without hail or tempest
    Blue sword of flame,
    Love came so lightly
    I knew not that he came
    John Shaw Neilson, Love’s Coming

  • Simon Hogan

    Here some more poetry from John Shaw Neilson from The Gentle Water Bird.
    There was a lake I loved in gentle rain:
    One day there fell a bird, courtly crane:
    Wisely he walked, asone who knows of pain.

    Graceious he was lofty as a King:
    Silent he was ang yet he seemed to sing
    Always of little children and the Spring.

    God? Did he know him? It was far he flew….
    God was not terrible and thunder-blue;
    It was a gentle water bird I knew.

    Pity was in him for the weak and the strong,
    All who suffered when the days were long,
    All he was deep and gentle as as song.

    I be back later with tips for Adelaide, Perth and Ballarat! From Simon the Pieman.

  • Simon Hogan

    Well tomorrow all the roads head to Ballarat for it’s Cup Day! I won’t be going!
    This meeting gets bigger and bigger each year! No city meeting tomorrow! The Cup was orginally ran on Wednesday then change to a Sunday and now on a Saturday! Big Win I reckon! I reckon Michelle Payne might have a good day and Gai Waterhouse and Jessica Payne no relation!
    Now for some tips
    Race1No7 The Travelling Man.
    3. Ticket To Toorak
    12. Baker Boy

    Race2No2. Marji Magic
    6. Northern Saint
    8. Sensational Saint

    Race3No16. Go By Rio
    5. Siddle’s Birthday
    7. Lethal

    8. Broadway and First
    14.All Vegas
    16. Reward for Glory

    Race5 This race is going to run clockwise not anti clockwise! Do you understand that!
    11. She’s Postive
    8. Bring Me the Bling
    9. Bring The Peace

    16. Hot Augusta
    7.Show A Star
    13. Distant Rock

    7. Our Catch
    11. Wild Rain
    3. Illustrious Lad

    Race8 The Cup
    1. Junoob
    12. Symso
    4. Digitalism
    6. Crafty Cruiser and you chuck in 8. Tooleybuc Kid

    9. Hinchley Wood
    20. Cross of Gold- Should get a run!
    6. Kingdom of Heaven

    7. Magnus Reign
    1.Red Bomber
    10. We’re gonna to Rock]

    Now at Morphettvillve in South Australia
    Race6No7 Golden Buckeboo
    Race7No3. Chestnut Charlie
    Race8No4JonJonJonny- I know what a name!
    Now in Perth Race7No16 Race8no8 Race9No12!
    Happy Punting and and Have great weekend to everyone out there from Simon the Pieman.

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