“Real Love” character test

“Real Love” character test

There is a real danger, especially given the modern mindset, to calculate the incalculable. To measure the immeasurable.

When we do that, we diminish a great many realities, but especially transcendent realities. Insights and experiences are forced into conceptual spaces never intended to accommodate them, and like a wild animal which spends its days miserably pacing the walls of its cage, something important and integral is lost.

That’s by way of disclaimer.

Now let me introduce you to a short character test which is designed to assist you in the search for true love. Its twenty questions were composed by  a developmental psychologist who specialises in character education.

It’s a “blunt instrument” in many respects but a useful tool nonetheless, especially for the starry-eyed victim of Cupid’s arrow, who might need some help balancing head and heart.

The test results can help a subject discern that their romantic interest “exhibits many good qualities!” or alternatively, “You are at high risk to be hurt in this relationship!”

“Real Love” character test

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