Why become a priest?

Why become a priest?

Well, the national inter-seminary soccer tournament is over for another year, or 2 years, or however long it is until the next tournament is held.

I’m sure you’re all eager to learn who won the tournament. Brisbane won. But that’s not important, because later that day Collingwood won!

And in other news, an intrepid reporter stalked the sidelines (of the soccer, not the footy), thrusting a camera in the faces of hapless seminarians and asking them each the same question: “Why do you want to become a priest?”

The answers are as varied as the faces:

H/T Fr Paul Newton.

  • MuMu

    Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Go Padres! The more priests, the more we have Jesus. Give me Jesus! Only through the priest!

  • Michael

    Great to see the video, didn’t think it would be ready to go this quickly. Excellent idea and result. Cheers Fr Paul!

  • Anne

    Beautiful thanks Father John, please pray for me am not well at the moment and hopefully the young “priests” could pray for me also.

  • Florence

    Fr John, I missed you at the soccer match. It was a good day and there great hope for our future priests and brothers. We need to keep them in our prayers.

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