Vocational angst!

Vocational angst!

Outside Da Box have just produced a great new video which really captures the existential angst that accompanies the serious end of discernment.

I was 23 before I was anywhere near ready to hear God’s call, so I was spared the double whammy of vocational angst and teenage angst. I think this is an accurate — and light-hearted — portrayal of what that looks like. But it also includes some serious and sound advice.

I also love the depiction of multimedia tasking. How true.

  • Santiago

    I’m only seeing this for the first time a month after the post but great video Fr John! I was struck by something he says to his friend in the first phone call… ~’What I want doesn’t matter; I want to do God’s will!’

    It might seem a silly question but do you think what we want offers a good starting point in discerning God’s will for our lives?

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