Good Lenten resources

Good Lenten resources

Here are two great resources I recommend for Lent.

Firstly, Fr Robert Barron is offering a series of short daily meditations to span the season. If you haven’t seen his Catholicism DVD series, you really should. If you have seen Catholicism, then you already know how eloquent Fr Barron is, and how conversant he is with Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

You can sign up at, but hurry. I think registrations close today.

Meanwhile, over at the The Gregorian Blog, Tom Hoopes has composed a useful list of suggestions for cyber-fasting this Lent. Read his blog post to get the detail.

1. Moderation instead of fasting on Facebook.

2. Turn off your phone.

3. Use paper in church.

4. Choose group entertainment.

5. Uproot your ear buds.

6. Give up video games.

7. Unplug the Internet.

8. Give up your extra technology for Lent.

9. Read real books for Lent.

10. Call people.

  • Marie brayshaw

    Please send me a daily meditation

  • mary matthews

    I want to thank you Father for your good idears. I am staying on my facebook pages because I do a lot of my praying with an for others from the need I read about on my 4 facebook pages. I have stooped the Farm villein 2 Games for 40 days. I used the games to unstrace my emotions but I am reaching out to God more for all my health needs. I please feel free to look me and friend me on all my pages. I am Mary Matthews in Shreveport La also Mary Asfm and Sissy Feldhiser and Maryannette. I love to read abut my loving Mother Mary and all the ways she has come to us to help us come to her son Jesus. Thank you and may God Bless you with Love and Joy and Peace today an always. PS Please Forgive My Poor Spelling I Pray you understand all I tryer to say. With Gods Love Always Mary

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