ANOTHER weird counter-intuitive ad

ANOTHER weird counter-intuitive ad

Back in October, I commented on a weird, counter-intuitive ad which used children’s hopes and aspirations (of all things!) to sell abortion rights.

Here’s the sequel! To commemorate the fortieth anniversary of Roe vs Wade, America’s Center for Reproductive Rights has produced an ad which is even weirder.

Watch and wonder:

I kind of get what they were going for at the concept level. Kind of. But even then, someone should have seen that the idea trivialises abortion. On top of that, it plays right into a pro-life talking point. Cue Jill Stanek: Of course creepy cads love abortion.

But as bad it was at the concept level, this execution is even worse. I laughed towards the end, mistaking the ad for a parody. For a moment I expected the guy’s exaggerated muttering into his whiskey glass to culminate in him sprouting a devil’s tail and horns.

The ad has proved itself a hit, but not in the way its producers intended: it has gone viral through the pro-life community. No wonder!

  • Florence

    He looks and sounds like the Devil. Listening to him gives me the creeps. He sounds so excited about killing babies. Can’t the people see him for who he really is? What sort of group is that. To me this group seems to be an unrepentant group just stalking vulnerable girls who cannot think correctly because of the state they are in and this ugly group lures them to the abortion clinics. They are butchers. I cannot think of another word. Fr John, we will fight this ugly group.

  • MuMu

    The content, message and style of this ad is all about sex. We want our sex and nuthin’ is going to get in its way. Actually, I think this ad is pro-abortion right out of the closet: telling it how and why it is. That’s why it is deliberately sleazy.

  • Anne

    Florence and Mu Mu the ad is about the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade ruling in American Supreme Court, where Judge Blackmun and 8 others declared that the child in the womb is non human and therefore not worthy of protection which is accorded to other “living” human beings in America. We in Australia have our own Menhennitt Ruling, Levine Ruline, UK has its own ruling, etc. all declaring that the life of child in the womb can be ended and in Victoria of course to 40 weeks gestation and some states in USA also.
    What I found “odd” about the ad is that a male is speaking. You see its a female who has the abortion. Roe v Wade was about “her” right over her own body. That guy is celebrating because he can now have sex and not have the consequences. He has been freed from responsibility. And of course he is seductive. which is what the abortion industry says to women presenting for an abortion, “dont worry its only a minor procedure and then you can go back to your normal life.” the truth is that no woman can go back to a time pre abortion. Time changes like Jesus changed time from BC to AD so an abortion changes the life and time of a woman pre or post abortion. Thinking and behaviour slowly and subtley change also.

  • MuMu

    It’s amazing from how many perspectives one can look at the abortion holocaust. But this ad shows the basic, fundamental out-loud-and-proud reason for abortion — or rather, from abortion’s grandmother, contraception – the separation of sex from procreation (and marriage). It’s about sex, that’s all — this ad shows it. This ad aims to make abortion sexy.

    • McCormack

      Oh MuMu, you’ve hit the nail on the head!

  • Jake Byrne

    Laughing/crying/vomiting all at the same time.

  • MuMu

    If anyone is still reading this thread, NCR columnist Jennifer Fulwiler used to be pro-abortion. This shows why the “mmm-mmmm-mmmm” ad is the heart and soul of abortion.

    • Illuminating article MuMu. Thanks for the heads up!

      “It just occurred to me that being pro-life is being pro-other-people’s-lives. Everyone is pro-their-own-life.”

      What a great quote!

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