Much needed reform

Much needed reform

Great article in First Things on the Legionaries of Christ. I have nothing to add to it, since my contact with the Legionaries is limited to a few acquaintances with Regnum Christi members. What I know about the LCs, I know only from the media.

The author of the article, however, is a former LC priest, and is now on the staff of a diocesan seminary. He writes with authority and demands the sort of “common (pastoral) sense” which should be typical of the whole Church.

After twenty-three years as a Legionary, I discerned that it was best for me to abandon the congregation in 2009. Since the naming of a papal delegate to the Legionaries, I have watched and waited for needed reform. Now, two years later, I have decided to lift my silence to express my deep disappointment as well as my profound concern for the fine young men and dedicated priests who still compose the Legion.

The Legion’s Scandal of Stalled Reform.

  • MuMu

    I can’t help but wonder if the founder of an order is rotten, whether the entire organisation has any hope of self-correction. I think not.

    And it’s a lesson for lay Catholics, too. All that glisters (with clerical garb and ‘orthodox’ appearances) might not be gold.

    I once emailed Zenit to ask whether it was a service of Regnum Christi (lay Legionaries) and received a very evasive and slippery answer.

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