When words trump video

When words trump video

The race in and of itself was pretty average. The field was unimpressive, and the times were slow. But none of that detracts from the drama of Black Caviar’s latest triumph.

What does detract from it is knowing the outcome before watching the race. I wish now that I’d stayed up and watched it live. The Youtube video isn’t exactly compelling.

Much better is Patrick Smith’s column describing the stakes and recreating the tension:

If it was hard to stay awake waiting for the race, it was impossible to get to sleep afterwards. In the final 100m of the Diamond Jubilee Stakes, Black Caviar’s courage became her saviour, her record of uncomplicated supremacy and domination her enemy.

Follow the link via Google.

(Interesting piece of trivia: an estimated 1.24 million Australian TV viewers watched the live broadcast. It was only 10:45pm in Perth, where 192,000 people tuned in. On the east coast, the race screened at 12:45 Sunday morning. In Brisbane 54,000 viewers watched the race, and in Sydney 89,000 stayed up late. But in the sporting capital of Australia, 433,000 viewers enjoyed the win. And that number doesn’t include the tens of thousands of hard-core punters who filled Federation Square!)

  • MuMu

    I thought it was very brave of the jockey to admit he slacked off on the last straight and should not have, given that it was uphill. he probably tried to get her to make up time and that’s why she tore tendons and bruised muscles.

    I shall be checking the post often to see whether Simon makes comment. Giddyup, Pieman!!

  • Joel

    Here’s a question I often ponder: do I love Melbourne because I love sport, or do I love sport because I am from Melbourne?

    Either way, there’s a lot of love. Thanks be to God.

  • Simon Hogan

    Well Luke Nolen knows the horse and he had ridden on the track during the week and walked on the course that day, but really no-one will really know what went on. Only God knows. I better be carefull want I say because Luke Nolen is my facebook friend. He is great jockey! He was lucky to have ridden Black Cavier for most of her starts. He missed three starts. The first two starts Jarrod Noske rode her, and Ben Melham rode her once. But Nolen is the man for her.

    Talking about Facebook Fr. John, you must be praying for your facebook friend Marc Lieshman to win on the USA Golf Tour, because he did last week for this first major victory. Warrnambool was on a high last week.

    Oh Yes. Fr. John. you should go to the Tour De France next year because they will celebrating 100 years. Get ready!

    OURPOETICPRINCESS should be hard to beat at Sandown on Wednesday and also on the Brett Scott trained horses in the jumps races.

    If you want to look me up facebook and send me a request, I’ll send you some tips. Or if you want, just be my friend. Facebook got me and Fr. John together!

  • Brett Scott trained his first winner today yes a hurdle race at Ballarat! Well I hope there is plenty more to come.

  • Simon Hogan

    Just letting you know that Brett Scott trained his first winner at Ballarat today! It was hurdle race it was very heavy track too.
    I hope there more winners to come from the Scott Stable.

  • Simon Hogan

    Grand National Hurlde Day tomorrow at Sandown. Brett has a runner in it.
    The Grand National Steeplechase is July29 both meetings at Sandown you can catch the train to Sandown I will be heading to watch the jumps in a couple of weeks time.
    I reckon Race6 have something 6 and 7.
    Also Midulra on Monday Watch out for Jarrod Mclean runners and also Race8 No9 Halo Dot Com
    Race 2 No12 and Race4 No12 all at Midulra on Monday.
    Happy Punting to eveyone.

  • Simon Hogan

    If you not nothing much on Sunday head to Sandown to watch the Grand National Steeplechase Racing Victoria wants people come out and support it because it disppointed crowd at the Grand National Hurdle. The bars were empty they said in today Hearld Sun. There are plenty south west trainers who have runners. Brett Scott has two runners one in the Jim Houlihan Hurdle and one in the National.
    So Come and support Jumps Racing Industry!

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