The race in and of itself was pretty average. The field was unimpressive, and the times were slow. But none of that detracts from the drama of Black Caviar’s latest triumph.

What does detract from it is knowing the outcome before watching the race. I wish now that I’d stayed up and watched it live. The Youtube video isn’t exactly compelling.

Much better is Patrick Smith’s column describing the stakes and recreating the tension:

If it was hard to stay awake waiting for the race, it was impossible to get to sleep afterwards. In the final 100m of the Diamond Jubilee Stakes, Black Caviar’s courage became her saviour, her record of uncomplicated supremacy and domination her enemy.

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(Interesting piece of trivia: an estimated 1.24 million Australian TV viewers watched the live broadcast. It was only 10:45pm in Perth, where 192,000 people tuned in. On the east coast, the race screened at 12:45 Sunday morning. In Brisbane 54,000 viewers watched the race, and in Sydney 89,000 stayed up late. But in the sporting capital of Australia, 433,000 viewers enjoyed the win. And that number doesn’t include the tens of thousands of hard-core punters who filled Federation Square!)