Keeping it positive

Keeping it positive

No sooner did I publish that last post, that I regretted it. My spiritual director suggested a few months ago that I would do better to keep my blog positive. He acknowledged that controversy attracts traffic, but controversy doesn’t have to be negative.

For what it’s worth, more than one reader agreed. I received several comments, and more e-mails, querying my decision to comment on the Fr Kevin Lee news story.

I don’t think the post below on the Legionaries of Christ is negative per se, but it’s not exactly positive either. All this was going through my mind when I visited my favourite blogger, whose latest post right addresses this very topic:

This weekend at the Catholic Media Conference in Indianapolis, Bishop Christopher Coyne who once served as spokesman for the Archdiocese of Boston, offered some advice to folks in my line of work. Point one: Take the high road. Point two: Stay on message, meaning, the Good News. Point three: Build up, rather than tear down. It does sound a bit like a recipe for editorial blandness. It definitely sounds like an invitation for pundits to re-direct their rage inward, or toward their pets. But, as Coyne demonstrates, all of his points have their roots in Scripture, not to mention common sense. The Church as a body, and each of its individual members, already have all the enemies they need.

Read it all. It’s Lindenman at his finest.

As for me, I’m going to lay off for the rest of the day. I haven’t posted this much in a single day since I was a seminarian. If you didn’t know it already, you might have guessed today is the first day of a short holiday. There’s no place like airports to incite serial blogging!

  • Michaela

    Unrelated to the above John but I can’t seem to open your “Large families bad families” post

  • Anne

    Me too cant open it either.

    • Do you both mean that you can’t follow the link to the Herald Sun article? I deliberately linked to the Google search results for the said article, because a direct link to the article will only display the first two paragraphs, accompanied with an invitation to purchase an online subscription to read the rest. However, News Limited will allow you to read several articles in full if you access them via Google. Hence my link to the Google search results.

  • Good to hear that another blogger struggles with this whole issue – do I metaphorically reach for for the jugular or approach more reflectively whatever issue it is that itches my fingers? What about the truth I discern in myself – am I being true to that? Then there’s my readers. What is their need? Do they want to be encouraged, nurtured, challenged or … enraged ? Like you, I tumble around looking for balance.

    • But Judith there has to be some “grunge” in discussions otherwise there wont be any people who are atrracted and have huge debates and disagreements etc It can then tend to become boring. Bit like my blog. I have allowed for responses because I havent got time to monitor and check etc. I just write stuff I like when I have time.
      And Fr John you havent add ed me to your blog friends anymore? what happened?

      • Yes, sorry Anne. When I inadvertantly destroyed the blog a few months ago, I lost all my permanent pages and my updated blogroll. The restored blog inherited the “first draft” of my blogroll, which in no way reflects my present reading habits! I’ll take the time to update a few things during this week’s break!

  • Joel

    I think you should be more encouraging of others and not take such a negative view of things. As for the blog, the last couple of days have seen you regain some old form. Well done!

    Just keep it real Father. Sit us on your lap and feed us lollipops and we’ll end up sick and with rotten teeth. Meat and potatoes once a week, please. And a pint of lager if it’s not too much trouble…

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