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Comments removed

Boy, do I get busy. I don’t know how so many priest-bloggers manage to post every day! I’ll maintain that aspiration, but please forgive me, readers, when I fall short.

Some commenters on this blog prefer anonymity, which doesn’t bother me at all. I do require an e-mail address, but this address is never publicised or forwarded to a third party. I will use it myself only on those rare occasions when I request permission to edit a comment.

I regretfully removed all the comments from a certain commenter today, who has supplied a non-existent e-mail address. I’ll happily restore those comments if a correct e-mail address is supplied.

As I said, anonymity is always respected, but please provide authentic e-mail addresses.

  • Joseph

    There must be three kinds of priests: bloggers, non-bloggers and lazy priests.

  • Anne

    Joseph there is a 4th kind, priest bloggers who mess up and delete and start again and make us forget what we wrote, and then start again and keep going and then delete again and start again. But the desktop page is nice isnt it?

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