On this day in 1981

On this day in 1981

Today is my thirty-second birthday. Alexander the Great, Jesus Christ, and St Catherine of Siena all died at the age of 33.

So according to some people’s calculation, I have only a year left to either conquer the world, save the world, or become a saint.

I’ll aim for the latter I think. And hope for a 34th birthday to boot.

  • Fr. Anthony Walsh OP

    Happy birthday Fr. John .

    A small aside: I notice that you are at the tail end of Generation X (according to the ABS) , a much smaller generation among priests than the Boomers, even compared to the generational difference in wider society.

  • Cathy

    Happy Birthday Fr. John!
    May God Bless you always, and many years to come!

  • Happy Birthday, Fr John! You still could pass as a “boy” in my book, but then I still picture myself as somewhere in my mid-twenties, which makes you a teenager in comparison!

  • Michaela

    Sounds better than the 27 club

  • Bek

    Happy birthday, Fr. John! You beat me to it by exactly one month and one day 🙂

    I’ve heard Thomistic speculation that our glorified bodies in Heaven will be that of our 33-year old self. It could therefore be a sensible eschatalogical investment to look after yourself well this year *wink*

    Jokes aside, allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for the example you’ve set in the 32 years you’ve lived to date. I’ve now known you for almost 10 years and you’re one of those people who spurs me on to do better, to love more, to witness to the Lord in all I do. And all you have to do to inspire that kind of response is to be yourself! May the Lord continue to bless you this year.

  • MuMu

    A very happy birthday, Fr John. I hope you will live to have a very holy and long life, because there is no creature on earth more beautiful than an old priest who is faithful and still active in his vocation.

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