I’m not one to rant and rave myself. I mean, I am moved to rant and rave occasionally, but I wait on it and pray on it first, and the desire passes.

That doesn’t mean, though, that I don’t think ranting and raving isn’t good sport. When it’s done well, it’s also intelligent and informative. But the real thrill is something similar to bloodlust. Call it a guilty pleasure. There ain’t nowhere like the Internet to indulge in a good rant.

Marc Barnes, also known as “Bad Catholic,” has recently obliged with a real doozy. It all started with an article in The Guardian by Jill Filipovic. The author proposes Benedict ditch his iPad and reach out to the mordern set by updating (as in, changing) Catholic dogma. (You can read it if you like, but it’s not really necessary to enjoy Marc’s rant: The disgrace of papal blessing for Ugandan homophobia.)

Here’s how Marc starts:

Jill Filipovic has put out her neck for the chopping. She is willing to speak the unspeakable, to forsake the usual orgy of intellectual self-pleasure, cast aside the shallow paradigm of unexamined vitriol, and say something the Internet has not the wherewithal to whisper: The Pope should — wait for it — modernize Catholic dogma.

Oh, how she will be opposed! She’ll have to wade through thousands upon thousands of thought-out responses articulating the reality of the Church’s teachings on homosexuality and the political role of the Roman Pontiff to find the one, lonely piece of agreement claiming that “Pope is pedophile catholic church most oppressive institution ON THE PLANET. Can’t believe people still believe dogmas #fightthepower”

If you, too, indulge in a good rant, follow the link and read the rest.