Slate ran an interesting article this week, which reveals that when it comes to computer viruses, you’re more likely to catch one visiting a church website than surfing for porn.

I learned that the hard way last year when on my watch the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy website was infected. The malicious code was detected and removed within hours, and I upgraded the site’s security to avoid a repeat.

However, if a site happens to be targeted by skilled hackers, no amount of security guarantees protection. I think that’s what happened to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference website earlier this week. I missed it myself, but it was noticed on the Catholica board. Brian Coyne has handily furnished a screenshot:

Some tech-savvy Muslims hacked the site and directed users to a Youtube of an American imam praising Islam. The reason given?

“Tell your Cow to Stop the Freedom to Insult — then I’ll Stop the Freedom to Hack.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some online security to beef up.

Puns intended.