Heads up. Emily Stinson has a great post over at CatholicVote.org.

From a two and a half minute trailer for the new Don Jon movie (which was previously titled Don Jon’s Addiction) Stinson extrapolates five counter-cultural lessons:

1. Pornography is a problem.

2. Pornography is addictive.

3. Pornography messes with a person’s understanding of reality.

4. Romantic comedies mess with minds too.

5. Loving another person is a high risk, high reward endeavour.

These themes are also raised in a thoughtful blog post written several months ago. Greg Bottaro, a clinical psychologist, distinguishes between pornography as we commonly understand it, which arouses and manipulates desire in men, and emotional pornography — the sort of romantic fantasy perpetuated by chick lit and chick flicks — which arouses and manipulates desire in women.

I don’t know yet if I’ll bother with the film, but both blog posts are worth consideration: The truth about men, women, love and porn (in 2 minutes and 37 seconds) at CatholicVote.org, and Emotional Pornography at CatholicPsych.com.