Fr Amin Abboud, RIP

Fr Amin Abboud, RIP

Prayer request. A good man died today — suddenly and at a young age. Fr Amin Abboud was a priest, a registered medical doctor, and a PhD in moral philosophy.

I’m not sure of his age, but he wasn’t old! I first got to know him when I was at university, long before either of us were priests. He was ordained to the priesthood on 27 May 2006, and died on 18 July 2013.

Fr Amin was writing a book on Peter Singer which Connor Court was due to publish soon I think. Here’s an article he wrote last year on the subject: No honour in gong for infanticide backer.

Greeting Pope Benedict at Kenthurst Study Centre, Sydney
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Greeting Pope Benedict at Kenthurst Study Centre, Sydney

Pray for him! Requiescat in pace.


In the comments below, Robert links to a news article on the Sydney Archdiocese website. It reports that Fr Amin died while on his annual retreat. I maintain he died too young of course, but what a blessed way to go!

Fr Amin would have spent the last few weeks preparing for his retreat, contemplating where he is in the spiritual life, where he is in his service to God, and resolving to renew and deepen his friendship with our Lord.

He may well have prepared a shortlist of items he would raise with our Lord, knowing that the retreat is in fact a unique opportunity for the Lord to raise some points with him, in an environment which lends itself to attentive listening.

The annual retreat is an intimate meeting with our Friend and Master, analogous to that face to face meeting we will each encounter at the moment of death. In Fr Amin’s case, the analogy has become the reality.

I guess we should be prepared to meet our maker any time, and live every day like it’s our last. Preparing for and entering into a retreat just focuses that. I can’t imagine a better preparation for a sudden and unexpected death. Blessed be God, and God bless Fr Amin.

  • Robert

    According to a Sydney Catholic source, Fr Abboud was only 48 years old. Far too young.

  • Kevin

    Tu es sacerdos in aeternum secundum ordinem Melchisedech. Requiescat in Pace.

  • MuMu

    Dr Abboud in 2001 blew the whistle on abortions being committed in Hobart Hospital without regard to the “two-doctor consent” protocol. He unleashed a firestorm which resulted in the Tasmanian Legislature decriminalising all abortions to any stage in a session cynically recalling MPs a few days before Christmas.

    The new Bill, which aims to prosecute prolifers within cooee of the abortion mill if they attempt to offer women an alternative to killing their children, or say anything detrimental about this barbaric practice, has stalled in the upper house.

    Fr Abboud assiduously fought the culture of death for the past 13 years. As a priest and doctor, the opposition would have been fierce against him. Little wonder his heart gave out, but it would have been broken by love for his most defenceless brothers and sisters.

    His views on the infanticide-favouring Singer are expressed in the link below.

    I have no doubt the unborn babies whom Fr Abboud attempted to save are his greatest allies in eternity.

  • Anne

    Rest in Peace Fr Amin.
    I dont know what else to say. Rest in Peace.

    • Carmel Righetti

      We thank God for his life and witness for Christ. We will remember this beautiful soul in our prayers, and pray that his witness will draw other men to sacerdotal service. Thank you Fr. John for your beautiful obit.

    • Quentin

      We will miss him. But one day we will meet him again if we are good enough to end up in the same place as where he is now.

  • Joe Cerda

    Fr Amin was a friend and spiritual counsellor some years back and I see him now as an intercessor in heaven, energetic and cheerful, as he was in life. I will treasure every moment we spent together. Rest in peace.

  • Paul

    Dear Fr John, I read with interest your thoughts about the apparent prophet Maria Divine Mercy. I have studied these messages and I too firmly believe that the illumination of our consciences is near; after all scripture has foretold this occurrence and also the opening of the seven seals during the ‘end of the times’. It is not true that no human being has ever understood the Book of Revelation ?
    The Catholic Church will always be and the great St Paul tried in vain to overcome it to no avail and as Our Lord had previously confirmed. The scribes and the pharisees could not comprehend that Jesus was the Messiah and again today the Priests cannot comprehend that humanity is on the cusp of the greatest event in our civilization since the crucifixion of Christ namely The Warning. God the Father in His Mercy desires to save all of the 7 billion souls on earth, amazing love !!
    Fatima, Garabandal and Medjugorje have set the stage for Mercy and Justice to merge.
    All the best to you and your parishioners,

  • Raphael Rahme

    God rest his soul. Father Amin and I originate from the same village in North Lebanon called Basloukit. This is where his steadfast beliefs would have originated from with the help of his parents and family. May our village saints, Saints Sarkis and Bakhos take care of his soul.

  • Luke

    A great priest and singular friend. Hard to see the divine plan when a worker that productive is called away…

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