On pilgrimage

On pilgrimage

In a first for this blog, I’m posting from 30,000 feet in the air, somewhere above the north west coast of Australia. I’m about halfway through a flight to Singapore; from there I fly to Dubai; from there I fly to Madrid.

Don Alvaro Portillo will be beatified next Saturday, and I’ll be there! I don’t think I’ll be blogging much, though, until my return to Australia next week.

  • Helen Eldridge

    I watched this amazing video of the miracle of Ignacio. Brought tears to my eyes. The Grandma and mother had such faith which certainly kept hope in their hearts. God bless them all

  • Thank you for this video and story Father. God bless you.

  • Simon Hogan

    It’s Saturday and big races at Caulfield big group one racing! My tips are Race 1. 1,6 and 7. The first is at 1pm! Race 2no4 Race 3no 1,6,9 and 12. Race5no 2, 9 and 14. Race 6no 1,4 and 11. Race 7no 1,12, 14 and 15. Race8 no2and 8. Race 9 my numbers are 4,9, 11 and 12. Now the lucky last at 6.15pm! My numbers are 4,6 and 9 and 12. I am guessing the racing chalpin Fr. Brendan Dillion will be there and remember bet each way! Keep well and happy punting from Simon the Pieman.

  • Simon Hogan

    Hello Fr. Corrigan it’s Caulfield Cup tomorrow. After the final race track is going to get a makeover! I think you get on turf after the race and watch a music concert. Last week there was no concert because one of the stages wheels broke!
    Race 1. My numbers are 7,11,1 and 9. Seven is called It’s A flying Star.
    Race2. 14,1, 6 and 4.
    Race3. I like 12,8,1 and 5.
    Race4. My tips are 13,11,8 and 9.
    Race5. 1,7,9 and 13.
    Race6. My numbers are 4,3,7 and 9.
    Race7.5,1,10 and 13. I must add number five name is called Kingdoms!
    Race8. No8,9,4 and 13.

    Now for the Group One Caulfield Cup! The sponsor of the race is Crown Goldlen Ale! There has few scratchings during the past two days! The time for this race is 5.40pm My numbers are
    3. Green Moon- he is ready to fire up.
    19. Brambles- Good stable and home track
    8. Hawspur – Unlucky in last year race hopefully it run a another cheeky race.
    6. The Offer- This is horse is getting ready for the Melbourne Cup I expect to be flying home.
    4. Sea Moon- One at Odds.
    Now for the lucky last I like number 6,8,15 and 13. This race is on 6.15pm I know it’s news time or tea time or Mass time!
    Keep up with all the racing news http://www.racingnetwork.com.au/NewsViews/News/tabid/84/Default.aspx Keep Well and happy punting and remember all my tips are eachway from Simon the Pieman.

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