I’m still alive. I’m still a country priest. And I really have to post the answers to that trivia quiz. (Way to frustrate and lose readers!)

I haven’t been blogging because I have been devoting the little time I can spare online to several more important web projects. They are more important because they are more apostolic than this blog and less vainglorious than this blog.

Today was an auspicious day — the ordination of Fr Paul Bird CSsR as the eighth bishop of Ballarat. Obligations in the parish prevented me from being present, so I’ll only blog some more when I can draw on more than second-hand reports and blurry photos copied from Facebook.

I’m sorry I missed today’s grand occasion, but I can console myself in the knowledge that I’ll be present for another great occasion at St Patrick’s Cathedral on Friday night, when James Kerr will be ordained a deacon.

A note on comments:

I have just removed a link to a vile anti-Semitic website which deceitfully purports to be Catholic. I’ll defend the right of people to put that stuff on the web, but I won’t tolerate links to it from this blog.