What if Seinfeld was still on air?

In lieu of current-day technology, many of the situations which Seinfeld could exploit in the 1990s wouldn’t even arise today.

But the Twitterverse is alight with new plot lines which exploit new situations. Situations which weren’t around in Seinfeld’s day. A few examples:

Jerry’s current girlfriend is mad because Google Street View shows him leaving an old girlfriend’s apartment building.

Elaine dumps her boyfriend after he calls someone ‘gay’ for driving a Prius.

Kramer can’t friend his new girlfriend on Facebook because he’s reached the 5,000 friend limit. She pressures him into un-friending Newman.

@SeinfeldToday is less than a day old, but its followers already number in the tens of thousands.

Until today, I never really got the Twitter thing. Now I get it.

(H/T Matthew Price.)