Fr Kevin Dillon & the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry

Fr Kevin Dillon & the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry

Father Kevin Dillon supports the Geelong Cats to a fault. And his suggestion that popes should be elected for fixed terms strikes me as a disastrous invitation to conciliarism. So I certainly don’t agree with everything he says.

However, I think his submission to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the handling of child abuse commands not only respect, but also admiration. It adds the voice of a pastor to the public debate. Moreover, the fact that he received a standing ovation after his testimony last week indicates that his is a voice which is loved and appreciated by survivors of sexual abuse.

It’s probably not prudent for me to comment in detail on his submission, but nor is it necessary. It speaks for itself. So go ahead and read it yourself!


  1. Peter G
    Feb 20, 2013

    So Fr.Kevin is now a Cats supporter. When he was PP at St Johns Mitcham,he was well known as a rusted on Swans fan.

    As for fixed terms for Popes, I’m with you Father John, particularly now that Papa Benny has set a precedent with his abdication.

    Fr.Kevin’s submission and testimony to the Victorian Parliamentary Enquiry into the abuse of children could be seen to be as Sir Humphry would say, courageous. His criticism of the failure to review the process is howver, quite valid. This process always had the potential to be controversial and the Archdiocese should have covered its back.

  2. Mike
    Feb 22, 2013

    Yes, he was public about is defection to the Cats at the time, as a necessary pastoral act and one of self-sacrifice.
    I don’t think KD has been too frightened of being “courageous” in the past, and I respect that when he speaks like this it tends to be on issues that transcend the usual liberal/conservative divide.