Five months to go!

Five months to go!

Only five months until Boxing Day, which means five months until the Australian release of The Hobbit.

Filming wrapped up earlier this month, and Howard Shore will record the film’s soundtrack with the London Philharmonic Orchestra next month.

The Lord of the Ring trilogy was produced at a cost of about $300 million. The Hobbit has a $500 million budget. In other words, Peter Jackson received an extra $150 million to throw around on each instalment of the The Hobbit! The result must be stunning.

  • Peter

    You know we have to all go see it on Boxing Day at the Regent Multiplex, to keep with the tradition. Who’s buying the tickets? Shotgun not, I’m a poor uni student

    • Timothy

      If I had the money I would if it ensured that we all got there. Somehow that doesn’t seem likely though.

      • Joel

        I’d shout, but I’m not invited.

      • Michaela

        Angling for an invite Joel?
        But you know you’re always welcome, we’re a the more the merrier type of crowd. Just don’t encourage the freeloaders. If they can’t manage to scrape together $15 over the next 5 months they don’t deserve to see the movie!

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