“We need to pray and fast”

This is worth a read.
Fr Longenecker on anger, hate, and rage:

I have seen vile material in comboxes all over the internet. Neither is this simply a few nut cases who troll around spreading their filth. This is a global phenomenon, and it is truly frightening. To understand it we should be clear. This is not simply anger.

  • Cathy

    Indeed a good read, I have seen people with so much hate and rage deliberately singling out the Catholic faith, it can be a wake up call that the devil does indeed exsist. With a society filled with hatred for life, be it homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia etc they all are a recipe for the diabolical to have a hey time. Prayer and fasting and to pray for conversion of sinners consoles God, in a world where He is forgotten.
    One of the most common things I find disturbing that we see everyday is blasphemy, it is on Tv, movies , general conversation, the slogan OMG is everywhere. The Ten Commandments are given in order of importance, it is quite alarming that blasphemy is the second commandment on the list. But as St. Pio said, ” pray hope and don’t worry” because God has things in hand……..

  • James

    I read this as I eat my last chocolate Easter Bunny…

  • MuMu

    Our Lady at Fatima asked people to pray the Rosary. She is God’s chief weapon against the devil – her heel crushing its head – so let’s invoke her powerful presence and influence into our corrupt society. As Cathy says, the devil is very active: you should hear it roaring out of the mouths of people who walk past a prolife vigil!

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