Vote early, vote often!

Vote early, vote often!

The Warrnambool Standard is conducting a Wedding of the Year competition.

Nineteen worthy couples are in the running, but perhaps one couple is more worthy of your vote, if you get my drift. (I wouldn’t want to become explicitly partisan . . .)

Vote here.

  • McCormack

    I thought for a second there she was THE Jacinta Stapleton…

    • Well yes. My cousin is THE Jacinta Stapleton, at least from my perspective. As kids we used to spy the other one in the closing credits of Neighbours (which we were never allowed to watch), when we tuned in to watch The Simpsons (which we were eventually and only ever grudgingly allowed to watch).

  • Simon Hogan

    Hi Fr. John.

    I can see you being on Neigbours as a priest.

    Well. You love Melbourne, know dramas, and I think you’d be good actor for the show. My cousin was on Home And Away – just as a schoolkid on the bus.

    You might get a call up one day. Toadie’s family on Neighbours is meant to come from Colac. maybe I might get you on the show if you’re the praish priest there one day, or maybe James Kerr. I might have better chance on the soap shows.

    I’m not a big fan of the Simpsons, but I am a fan of Family Ties!

  • Rob

    Oh so lovely ! How many of these beautiful couples are worthy and receptive of the powerful graces of Matrimony ? For what else can sustain them through the trials of and challenges of true Catholic marriage in a hedonistic world gone mad.

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