Everyone likes a good Trivia Night! The Parents & Friends Association of our parish primary school organised one last Friday. Two in fact. One in the late afternoon for the kids, and one in the evening for the adults.

My table came a distant fourth in the evening session. So it’s easy to see why I enjoyed the afternoon session much more. I was quizmaster!

Now you get to play too! How will you fare, head to head with the best and brightest of St Mary’s Primary School, Hamilton? Answers next week. (No cheating!)

NB: In the first round and the fifth round, I played short audio clips, and the kids had to identify the movie or TV show they came from. The audio clips for Round 1 precede the quiz; the audio clips for Round 5 follow the quiz.

Audio clips for Round 1

  1. Track One. The Lion King
  2. Track Two. Wall-e
  3. Track Three. Harry Potter
  4. Track Four. Finding Nemo
  5. Track Five. Mary Poppins
  6. Track Six. Monsters Inc

[vfb id=1]

Audio clips for Round 5

  1. Themesong 1. Play School
  2. Themesong 2. Arthur
  3. Themesong 3. Big Knights
  4. Themesong 4. Doctor Who
  5. Themesong 5. Everybody Loves Raymond
  6. Themesong 6. The Simpsons