The lost art of drinking

The lost art of drinking

The ever reliable Catholic Education Resource Center has a an easy-read article on ‘The Lost Art of Catholic Drinking.’

The writer overplays the sectarian card — I think the spectrum of Protestant views on alcohol is also found within the Church. (Catholic means, ‘here comes everyone.’) But he provides some choice quotes from Catholic saints and authors, and offers a good account of the golden mean.

There are plenty of our brethren who consider drinking somehow immoral, and there are plenty of others who think drinking must end with great intoxication. But the balanced approach – the Catholic approach – means having a good time, a good laugh, sometimes a good cry, but always with joy and gratitude for God’s generosity in giving us such wonders as beer and burgundy.

  • McCormack

    I can assure you that in Carlton, the “Art of Catholic Drinking” is most certainly not lost.

  • Anne

    Just beer and Burgandy? what happened to Chardonnay, Merlot, chianti, and to op things off Cointruae, Drambuie, or even a Baileys. On a cold winter’s night with one or three of these and a good book in warm place.
    Ah Jeez life is hard init?

  • MuMu of St Kilda

    I haven’t lost the art of drinking. Maybe if I drank a lot more I’d forget how to do it. I keep it simple: a light beer before dinner in the summer and a glass of Sav Blanc (of the Marlborough variety) in the winter. I have converted my other elderly friends to the art of drinking Guiness when we gather for a seniors’ luncheon at a friendly hostelry on a Sunday. I tell them this drink is really all about nutrition and is used for lactating mothers. Despite being way beyond lactating motherhood, we all down our Gs with gusto. Being an Irish drink and all, we feel especially catholic in this pastime. Thank God I’m not a Protestant of the dry variety.

    • Anne

      “lactating mothers?” Mu Mu what are you trying to do? rate this board X rated? Shame on you!!!
      Nah Guiness is too black for me. I like beautiful French stuff.

  • Is there any significance, I wonder, that Christ’s first miracle was turning water into wine?

    God bless.

    • Anne

      Yes Victor absolutely. Taking 12 thirsty men with him and having walked kilometres the sthirst must surely have set in and water would not do.. No the stuff had to be wine!and the best kind too.

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