St Edmund Campion, Martyr

The day is nearly over, and I’ve only just now discovered that today is the feast of St Edmund Campion. (Sometimes, passing time with one’s Universalis app pays off!)

St Edmund is one among the great communion of Jesuit saints. His father, I just learned, was almost certainly an acquaintance of St Thomas More. You’ll learn about that and more in this ten minute meditation on St Edmund. Fr Bernard Basset SJ narrates the tale. The guy is as cantankerous as he is insightful. Watching this is time well spent!

  • You and I are among the few who highlighted him today. He is my favourite martyr and I put his Brag on my blog. I recommend young ones reading Robert Hugh Benson’s Come Rack Come Rope, which I read at about 12. Have a great day.

    • Thanks Supertradmum. Come Rack, Come Rope was also raised in my Facebook thread on this post. I think I reviewed the book in the first incarnation of this blog, which was lost when the site crashed.

      I found the book tedious in the extreme. I confused characters and events, and I persevered only at the insistence of a fellow seminarian. I’m glad I did. Come Rack, Come Rope has one of the greatest climaxes of any novel I’ve ever read. I’d happily read the book again, just to relish the ending!

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