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So I’m on my annual course this week and next, which mostly consists of study. We’re studying Amoris Laetitia by Pope Francis, and doing some always useful revision of the Catechism and moral and pastoral theology.

But the annual course isn’t all work. There’s a few sight-seeing trips, and an occasional movie. I don’t watch many movies — the annual course and long haul flights is it, generally. I think this makes me more discerning, and demanding, than less. I used to persevere with average movies (— and mediocre books, and bad wine —) until the bitter end, but now I walk away much sooner. Life’s too short for bad wine. And the rest.

Hence I’m very confident that anyone who heeds my advice on this occasion will not be disappointed. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a great movie. It’s laugh out loud funny and fast paced. It evokes a sort of Harry Potter universe, wherein the kids are responsible and the adults are insane. But it’s not fantastical — it’s mostly observational humour, and occasionally absurdist.

It’s also unmistakably Kiwi. Anyone who liked Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby will love Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It’s much more family friendly than Gormsby, which is also a big plus. Rotten Tomatoes gives this one a very fresh score of 98 per cent. It is a very safe DVD purchase. I guarantee you’ll love it.

And — refreshingly — the trailer is very true to the movie. So here’s a useful preview.

  • Rhys Lowther

    It is a very funny movie! What did you think of the priest’s/minister’s funeral sermon?

    • Ha ha. I laughed out loud the first time I watched it, and I laughed out loud again just now. Jesus and his bountiful confectionary.

      Mind you, another priest on our course made a good point: this scene is sadly indicative of the popular opinion of religion in New Zealand. I’ve heard it said that Australia is like Christendom at its height, compared to the secularism in New Zealand, which is sustained not by hostility towards religion, but indifference.

      • Rhys Lowther

        Australia the height of Christendom! I didn’t think you could get more secular than Australia … New Zealand must be bad!

        I thought NZ was more ‘Christian’ than Australia. It’s funny because my friend told me about a good priest in Blackburn North (Melb) that is actually from NZ! Obviously not a reflection of his country 🙁

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