Race 3 at Hamilton

Race 3 at Hamilton

Simon the Pieman has sent me a few tips for tomorrow’s races in Ballarat and Hamilton. (Both great cities, but I’m now wondering why I always end up in the coldest places in Victoria!)

Of particular interest is Hamilton race 3. Simon tells me this is a high weight race, meaning that it features jumps jockeys, who are riding on the flat. Jumps jockeys are heavier and taller than normal jockeys. There’s quite a few Irishmen in the field of jumps jockeys at present, bulking up Australia’s thin numbers. You learn something new every day!

For those who like a punt, the Pieman recommends nos. 13, 6, and 4. This is significant, because another reader owns shares in Little Villain, who’s starting from barrier 3. A close relative of the said owner has dubiously enquired, “Isn’t this horse on a merchant ship somewhere, feeding 300 sailors?”

Little Villain’s loyal owner insists this would never happen – at least until Monday, when the option might be reconsidered. Depending on the results of Sunday’s race of course.

I’m of a mind to back Little Villain, for the simple reason that the Pieman doesn’t rate him. Based on the Pieman’s past form, that may well be a good thing!

  • Simon Hogan

    Just letting you know that Flemington races tomorrow. I reckon in Race 1: No.4. Rikbat Goldstone should run a cheeky race in Race 6. And Dr. Nipanduck in the last race.

    A big three day carnival at Swan Hill starts on Friday until Sunday. The Cup is run on Sunday. Just back any Warrnambool trained horses, epscially Jarrod McLean’s. It says in the race form Yangery has got a runner in tomorrow at Flemington too. I thought I better mention Swan Hill because this is a country blog, and Swan Hill is a part of the Ballarat Diocese which Fr John is part of.

    Must mention Warrnambool is on track Tuesday with some jumps races. Just look out for the in form Irish Jumps Jockey Tom Ryan!

  • Simon Hogan

    Just letting you know that Goldstone won trained by the famous Bart Cummings it paid $10.
    Swan Hill is very friendly place Fr. John was there last year on Good Shepperd Sunday people thought you were Fr. Chris Riley. It’s a great place on the Murray River!

  • Simon Hogan

    I was just reading the paper a few hours ago and I notice that a great man from the Murray died, Fr Brendan Smith. I don’t think I met him but heard that he barracks for Collingwood and that he was great person to have in the Murray area.

    God Bless Fr Brendan. Go the Mighty Magpies!

    • Yeah, that’s right Simon. I’m going to his funeral in Swan Hill. I didn’t know he was a Collingwood supporter!

  • Simon Hogan

    Was I right that he barracked for Collingwood?

    Well the Warrnambool trained horses are going well in Swan Hill. Tomorrow they have the Swan Hill Cup and they’re famous for their 975 metre races!

    The racing club itself is 150 years old. They’re building a trotting track next the racing track.

    Watch out for the Warrnambool trained horses running tomorrow. Get on Telesmon and Spiritofthestorm. Happy Punting!

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