Simon the Pieman has sent me a few tips for tomorrow’s races in Ballarat and Hamilton. (Both great cities, but I’m now wondering why I always end up in the coldest places in Victoria!)

Of particular interest is Hamilton race 3. Simon tells me this is a high weight race, meaning that it features jumps jockeys, who are riding on the flat. Jumps jockeys are heavier and taller than normal jockeys. There’s quite a few Irishmen in the field of jumps jockeys at present, bulking up Australia’s thin numbers. You learn something new every day!

For those who like a punt, the Pieman recommends nos. 13, 6, and 4. This is significant, because another reader owns shares in Little Villain, who’s starting from barrier 3. A close relative of the said owner has dubiously enquired, “Isn’t this horse on a merchant ship somewhere, feeding 300 sailors?”

Little Villain’s loyal owner insists this would never happen – at least until Monday, when the option might be reconsidered. Depending on the results of Sunday’s race of course.

I’m of a mind to back Little Villain, for the simple reason that the Pieman doesn’t rate him. Based on the Pieman’s past form, that may well be a good thing!