Some movies should never come to life. But I think that’s what’s happening in Northern India:

Jintu Gogoi’s neighbourhood in Sadiya, Upper Assam, is no longer friendly. Over two weeks ago, an army of eight-legged freaks invaded it. It all happened in the evening on May 8. Most of the inhabitants of Chaulkhowa Nagaon village had been to a Bihu function. When the programme drew to a close, swarms of spiders suddenly descended from nowhere and started biting the people. The festive mood soon turned into one of panic with people bumping into each other and tripping over empty benches in their frantic bid to egress. Jintu was bitten by one of these critters.

Country town? Swarms of spiders? Spiders which are aggressive and attack? Does any of this sound familiar?

(Can I just add, I was a kid when this movie was released. I don’t remember it having a comic element at all. The way I saw it, it was straight out horror. I think this is one film I’d better revisit!)