Ordination in Adelaide

Ordination in Adelaide

Adi Indra, a second year seminarian for the diocese of Sandhurst, has applied his considerable talents to the production of a short film promoting Corpus Christi College.

Having credited Adi, I don’t want to diminish the work of the priests and seminarians which collaborated with him. The result is an engaging and informative glimpse into seminary life.

One of the seminarians featured in the video is Rev Michael Romeo, whom Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson will ordain to the priesthood this Friday. Keep him especially in your prayers!

  • Samuel

    The video is fantastic!
    I’ve long thought the seminary needed something like this, but I assumed they would have to get an outside company to do it, like most other seminary’s have done (at least in the US). The fact that a couple of seminarians have saved the seminary quite a bit of money without compromising on quality is excellent! Well done to them!

  • Simon Hogan

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