More competition!

At last count, eighty per cent of weddings in Australia are now conducted by civil celebrants.

That’s bad, insofar as it reflects the triumph of secularism and the reduction of Christianity.

It’s also good, insofar as it demonstrates the demise of “cultural” church weddings. Getting married in a church is now something intentional. I find that the couples whom I prepare for marriage are sincerely open to theological and moral formation. It’s a great opportunity to evangelise.

Still, I’m weary of the growing numbers who look elsewhere for services traditionally ministered by the priest. It started with weddings and funerals. Is sacramental confession next?

Apparently so, by the looks of this sign outside a key cutters in Carlton!

  • Clara

    Do they cut keys to the Pearly Gates?

    • Ha. You should write speeches or something. 😉

  • Matthias

    I have written out my funeral directions and made it very clear that i want clergy to preside at my funeral and not a civil celebrant ,who may wear vestments in secular parody.
    I also only want a graveside burial from either the Roman missal-1962 or the Book of Divine Worship/Common Prayer as used by the Ordinariate

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