Christmas drinks

Christmas drinks

Those of you who care probably know this already, and those of you who don’t know probably don’t care. But this is my blog, so regardless of that, I’m posting this important public announcement.

Tis the season for egg nog, which can be made from scratch of course, but which is also readily available at supermarkets. In previous years, Pauls (where’s the apostrophe?) has enjoyed something of a monopoly in the egg nog market. This year though, Aldi’s Farmdale Brooklea brand is also providing egg nog, which may have inspired Pauls to up the ante and introduce a third product, cinnamon egg nog!

Having studied this development with the seriousness it deserves, the results are in. Cinnamon egg nog is gross; Pauls (where’s the apostrophe?) traditional egg nog is a reliable mainstay, but the prize goes to Aldi’s Farmdale Brooklea version, which is as-good-or-slightly-better than Pauls, but much, much, cheaper!

Stock up now for January, because it’ll be off the shelves all too soon.

In other news, Tasmania, which everyone knows produces Australia’s best tasting beers, can now lay claim to producing Australia’s best whisky too. In fact, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible has declared Tasmania’s Sullivan Cove the best whisky in the Southern Hemisphere, placing it in the top one per cent of whiskies ever made.

I’m a Scotch man myself, but I have every intention of trying out this antipodean speciman, and readers of this blog can be assured of a speedy review. In the meantime, there’s this much more authoritative item from the Tasmanian Whisky Appreciation Society.

  • Fr Mick Mac Andrew

    Avoid all egg-nog that does not have any alcohol in it as raw eggs are the most prevalent cause of food poisoning in our Australian Summer Christmas season.
    the alcohol can offer some protection.
    Raw egg dishes are a no no in a Summer climate – even in Winter as the Canberra, ACT experience this year shows – two dead and six hospitalised for weeks due to raw-egg sauce for a meat dish.

  • MuMu

    Thanks for this post, Fr John – good to see Aldi taking the prize yet again for the best and cheapest. And thank you, Fr Mick, for the caution.
    I might just give the egg a miss and do justice to the nog.

    • Fear not, Fr Mick and MuMu. When I served egg nog at the young adults group, someone declined because she is allergic to eggs. We looked up the ingredients panel, and store-bought egg nog contains traces of “egg powder” (whatever that is).

      In the case of home made egg nog, which really does have eggs in its recipe, the perils of raw egg can be avoided by creating a cooked custard with the egg yolks and milk, and making the egg nog that way.

      But then again, I think I like your solution much better Fr Mick!

      • MuMu

        Liquified raw egg and milk. Urggghhh! Need LOTS of alcohol to get that lot down the little red tunnel! Did you tell us where eggnog originated, Fr John?

        Will you be spending Christmas in your parish? I’ll be trying to persuade Sebastian to wear a pair of diamante-studded felt antlers around his substantial chest. If I succeed, the fotie will go on FB! he is being exceptionally exhibitionistic at the mo. “Look at ME!”

        Happy, happy, holy Christmas, dear Fr John!

  • Happy holiday to you young man. Happy Christmas is not possible.

  • Clermont

    Christmas is a coming, the egg is in the nog.
    Please give a friendly man a friendly little dog.
    If you haven’t got a friendly dog, a friendly cat will do,
    If you haven’t got a friendly cat may God bless you!

    God bless you, gentlemen, God bless you!
    If you haven’t got a friendly cat may God bless you!

    Christmas is a coming, the cider’s in the keg.
    If I had a mug of cider I wouldn’t have to beg.
    If you haven’t got a mug of cider, half a mug will do.
    If you haven’t got half a mug, may God bless you!

    God bless you, gentlemen, God bless you!
    If you haven’t got a half a mug may God bless you!

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