Holy Land dates

Holy Land dates

Well, I won’t give up my day job. I don’t think I’d make a very good travel agent. I neglected to mention theĀ dates of my planned Holy Land pilgrimage.

We will depart Melbourne on Thursday 26 September, and land in Jordan on Friday 27. From there we travel to Mount Nebo, where we share the view Moses was given of the Promised Land.

Moses, of course, never actually got to the place. We’ll hopefully fare better, though I do notice that nothing else is scheduled for the day we cross the border into Israel. Judging from the experience my brother seminarian recounted in his journal, navigating Israeli Customs is a time-consuming endeavour!

Once we’re in Israel though, we’ll be happily ensconced in Nazareth for three nights, and Jerusalem for four. The final night is spent back in Jordan, before a morning flight departing Saturday 5 October. I can’t speak for other pilgrims, but I’ll be flying back to Melbourne, where I’ll arrive on Monday 7 October, just in time to start a twelve-day course of study and recreation!

I’ll upload a brochure on the trip in the next few days. The idea is really growing on me. I’ve received several emails and other messages from people who have been to the Holy Land and loved it. What an opportunity!

  • Florence

    Dear Fr John,

    Are you taking a group on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I did visit the Holy Land many years ago and I did have an awesome time. I am aware that Fr Richard Rosse is taking a group on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in August. It is unfortunate that I will not be travelling with him though I would love to travel along with his group as I am going to Rio for the WYD. This is a choice that I have made because I feel deep down in my heart that it is the will of God that I travel to Rio. Please pray for me and I will pray for your pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

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