Congratulations Aisling

Congratulations Aisling

Sibling weddings are great. I hope this is the first of many. Within reason of course. Hopefully no more than one each, by the grace of God.

But when you’re one of nine, that still adds up to a lot of weddings!


  • Michaela

    A beautiful wedding and an awesome night of celebrations.
    That big grin didn’t leave the grooms face throughout the entire ceremony.
    Congratulations Ash and Benn!

  • Simon Hogan

    The photo looks like your all off to the is oscars not to a wedding! I sure you gave a wonderful sermon Fr. John!

  • Cathy

    Love a good Wedding! the first five of nine in my family were married within a period of under ten years, lets just say my parents were happy but exhausted! And now after 23 grandchildren they are overwhelmed!

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