All Saints, web saints

All Saints, web saints

When you follow the link to, you may well be seeing the first website developed by a saint.

Miracoli Eucaristici documents eucharistic miracles which have occurred all over the world. I’m not fluent in Italian, so I can’t comment on the content, but I do know web design, and this is very good web design. All the more so, considering it is nearly ten years old, but still “feels modern.” (Most websites don’t age so well!)

The website was created by Carlo Acutis, who died of leukemia in 2006 at the age of 15. And now, according to Rome Reports, his cause for canonisation is under consideration:

Even if Carlo doesn’t pass the rigorous standards exacted by the Church’s canonisation process, his life and legacy remind us that we’re all called to be saints, and that sanctity is attainable.  It can be and should be our daily goal — remembering that holiness is achieved in the little things of today, not in the great maybes of tomorrow.

(Another lesson: somewhere on the web, there is a website that has been developed by someone who will one day be canonised. Hopefully there are many such websites, and many canonisable saints in our midst!)

  • Simon Hogan

    Ok the saintly colours might got me running the cup but I reckon might another race on cup day! These are my tips for the big cup ten race card! The first race is 10. 20am! Bruce will be up early for a big coverage ! Race one my tips are 5,12,13 and 2. Race 2no 18,1,9 and 16. Race 3no. 2,15,11 and 12. Race 4 no. 6,18,2 and 18. Race five no. 8,10,17 and 7. Race 6no 8, 2,1 and 7. Now for main race my tips are 3,9,12,19 and 22. Race 8no 6, 3,8 and 2. Race 9no 16,22,9,10. Lucky last my numbers are 10, 4,13 and 8. Have great cup day! Mike Brady and slim dusty have both got cup songs ! Have a look on YouTube! Thank you Fr. John for letting me put my tips on your blog! Oh yes Ballarat races tomorrow! We can’t forget Fr. John’s hometown. I be too busy in the city of Melbourne at the cup pardre! Let me know if you have a winner or you add your tips too! But keep eye for Cummings horses in Melbourne and Sydney on Tuesday!

  • Fr Mick Mac Andrew

    Thank you for this alert on Carlos Acutis.
    It came just at the right time for our Parish Transitional retreat for Yr 6 at our Catholic primary School. It is obvious from his bio which I looked up on the web, that he had made a choice at about the same time as our students presently in Yr 6.
    His premature death brings many challenging questions to mind but at the same time presents many potential answers to the life questions of 12-18 yr olds.
    Any chance of a young woman inspirational figure for balance? I was thinking of Sophie Scholl, a heroine of the Nazi persecution, but would like a contemporary young woman if possible.
    As far as canonisation is concerned, the waiting will be the best part, like it was for Mary MacKillop.

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