Update on St Michael cards

Update on St Michael cards

Nothing like the start of Lent to wrench a priest away from his desk.

Now that I’m here though, I’m long overdue on this update. I neglected, in a previous post, to show real time results of the poll I canvassed on the design of a St Michael the Archangel prayer card.


[yop_poll id=”1″]

I’m surprised by the distribution of votes. Not many fans of Raphael out there!

Now, for some bad news. This online poll thing has become a completely moot point. Last week I received a parcel from Australia Needs Fatima which contained a St Michael the Archangel prayer card and medal!

After some negotiating, I’ve managed to obtain medals for my parishioners. This is an excellent way to promote devotion to St Michael. I’m sure it’s no coincidence. What a great favour from Heaven.

  • pat

    Dear Fr you are not the only one upset over the media witch hunt. i have reached boiling point with all the lies, money focused, gutless attacks drivin by the devil himself . Enough is enough, this is a evil witch hunt. Yet all we can do is pray, i can not believe what they (the devils representatives) are doing to our dear Cardinal Pell. i knew Cardinal Pell in the early to mid nighties and he is not only innocent of this evil witch hunt but was the *one* who* reported all these crimes to the police, hence in the mid 90’s those wolves in sheep’s clothing got their just deserves. That clown who wrote that stupid satanic song about our dear Cardinal Pell managed to achieve dirty money enabling haters to go to Rome all expensive paid.. What a joke, what a cheap trick for a holiday, yet people who know the truth cant afford to go and defend the *TRUTH*… Sorry but i am over may God forgive them, i ask the lord to rebuke them so hard that they may confess their evil ways before they die and face the very same person they would have crucified 2000+ years ago..May God be with a truly innocent Holy man of God C Pell and sends legions of angels to protect all his true shepherds who have become innocent lambs to the slaughter house… May God Bless all our persecuted priests.

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