TV mass: First Sunday of Lent

TV mass: First Sunday of Lent

More parishioners watch Mass For You At Home than I imagined.

I’m really not a morning person, and since my Sunday routine allows me to sleep until 7am, I’m fast asleep when Mass is broadcast. Not so for many parishioners, several of whom asked me before Sunday Mass began if I was going to deliver the same homily I gave on TV! Fortunately, I had resisted that temptation (boom boom), and prepared something quite different.

I’m absent from TV screens for several months now. You won’t see me again until the Sixth Sunday of Easter.

However, I hope to blog again as soon as tomorrow!

  • Michaela

    Having the title of “Father” does not excuse dad jokes

  • Fr Mick Mac Andrew

    7:00am on a Sunday!!!!!!!!!!
    My Sunday routine – 4 or 5 Masses (I’m the only priest for three parishes) across the Mission requires me to get up at 4am.
    If you only get up at 7am, when do have time to pray for an hour or so before Mass?

    • 4am?? Ugh. Is this what is in store for me when I’m a parish priest? Probably.

      In the meantime, I’ll relish the luxury of living in a small town which has two priests full-time in the parish, two retired priests who are usually available to help on weekends, and two more religious priests at Monivae College!

      My weekend Mass load is 1.75, meaning I offer two Sunday Masses usually, but sometimes only one. And none is earlier than 9am. Deo gratias! 🙂

  • Camel Tohw

    If you don’t value truth, then why blog? If you do, then why screen comments? Aren’t you up for the whole truth?

    • I agree completely. However, I don’t think requiring legitimate email addresses from commenters, addresses which aren’t made public, can in any way be construed as opposing truth.

      Perhaps a more pertinent question: if you value truth, why have you twice provided a false email address, which is material deception?

    • Camel Towh/Jeb Luke Mutters (I presume you’re the same person since they share the same IP address), until you respect the unexceptional and non-invasive rules governing comments on this blog, no more of your comments will be published.

      That’s a shame insofar as the comment presently blocked contains important and thoughtful ideas. Please don’t let personal belligerence hinder the truth you tell.

      Peace be with you.

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