The suicide of Europe

The suicide of Europe

This week, one hundred years ago, the Great Powers of Europe were hurtling towards a war which would eventually draw in the entire Western sphere.

We know it as the First World War, which may be a bit parochial, because the theatres of war were largely confined to three continents, though there’s no denying its impact was global. Pope Benedict XV called it “the suicide of civilised Europe,” which is a better appraisal.

The war changed Europe and the West forever, and not for the good. It gave rise not only to totalitarian communism, the Nazi Holocaust and the Second World War, but also to the hedonism of the 1920s and 1960s, and to the moral and spiritual decline which has afflicted western civilisation since 1914.

Catholic News Service has produced an excellent 20 minute documentary which examines the origins and the aftermath of the Great War, and what lessons we can draw from it 100 years later. As Mark Twain famously observed, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.”

  • Simon Hogan

    I know this is nothing to do about the war but tomorrow I am hoping to be at Sandown for the Grand National Steeplechase! So two Warrnambool trainers go to head to head Jarrod Mclean is back after this supenision for six months. He has May thehorsebemgaic taking on Bashboy trained my Cironan Maher both grew up with each other. One used to live at Yangery and another one at Winslow!
    Now Race1 No 7
    Race3No1 and9
    Race4. The Grand National Steeplecahse 1.54pm
    No3 ,1 and 4.
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    Race6 No2 and 12.
    Race7 No.12,13 and 9.
    Race8 No1. This name reminds me of Fr. Corrigan Little Bro! and also Number 5 and 10.
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    Happy punting and always bet eachway
    Keep Well from Simon the Pieman.

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