Simon the Pieman, last seen on the side of tram no. 2032, has sent me his tips for tomorrow’s big day in Warrnambool.

The nation may stop for the Melbourne Cup, but the city of Warrnambool stops for the whole week of its May Racing Carnival! But the big ones — the Grand Annual Steeplechase and the Warrnambool Cup — are held on the first Thursday of May.

A little precaution though. Simon the Pieman’s opinions are far from infallible. By way of example, he claims that “we were lucky” we won the Anzac Day match. A highly dubious claim. I’d put it down to Collingwood’s insurmountable talent. But that’s just me.

Hello Fr. John. How are you going? I went to the football last week. We were lucky.

Last week St. Pius X celebrated 50 years since the first Mass held at West Warrnambool. There’s an article on the diocesan website.

There are 10 big races tomorrow at the Bool. I’ll try and give you a winner.

Race 1 Hurdle.

1. Honour the Force
4. Goldtown
6. Thomond Park
7. Luck Lindsay.

Race 2.

11. God’s Own Country.
16. Rainbow Queen.
8. Sir Tully
17. Fifteen Schooners.

Race 3

6. Staddle the Stars
3. The Miggstar
13. Mister Cool (This horse is ridden by my mate Jason Benbow he lent me his goggles one day.)
9. King’s A Star.

Race 4.

2. Crafty Cruiser
13. The Fonz (This is a local horse trained my mate Jarrod Mclean at Yangery.)
20. Le Roi Charlemagne (This horse might not get run but just check the scrachings — it is fourth emergency)

6. Glenisla Crossing. (This horse is traine at Hamilton.)

Race 5. Simon’s Waterfront sponsors this race!

This is two year old’s race. Watch for the superstar.
1.Gold Medals
13. Latino Goss
9. Strop
6. Monbazillac.

Now the Big One. The Grand Annual.

33 fences and 5500 and Rick McIntosh calling who loves the jumps he brings jumps racing alive.
3, Tobouggie Nights. (This is trained my my mate John Wheeler. He has won 4 Grand Annuals.)
4. Pay the Aces
6. Grizz
9. Big Jam (This is trained by Jarrod McLean he has two runners in this another one is Cats Fun it has got a chance too)

Race 7.

6. Finishing Card. (When I have a box trifecta my favourite numbers are 2,6 and 12 because they were the numbers when I got my first box tri.)
2 Forty Two Below
12. Belleza Veloz
3. Youbolt.

Race 8. The Cup.

Dandy Andy won this race is 1988 and won the Australia Cup. Last year’s runner up won the Sydney Cup last weekend.

16. The Black Oak (Jason Benbow is riding this)
10 Swooper
7. Module
15. Abitfado

Race 9.

5. Mikeys Magic
11. Jetta
7. Tolka Polka
6. Shysta

Race 10.

The lucky last — but the party continues at the pubs afterwards. I’m having a $3 box tri on 2, 6 and 12.

3. Wealthy Lad
12. Diamonds of Dusk
6. Famoss
7. Nicastro (Yes this is trained by Jarrod McLean too!)

All these horse are all good each ways bets, but just check the scratchings.

I backed a horse today which paid $14 for a place (it came 3rd). I say if you can’t back a winner, just soak up the atmosphere and thanks be to God for letting Warrnambool have its big three day carnival with jumps races!

Keep Well and Happy Punting from Simon the Pieman.