Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

I’m too young to remember Margaret Thatcher’s prime ministership, but I watched The Iron Lady recently, and enjoyed it immensely. No surprise there. I think Meryl Streep is the greatest actor of her generation.

The Iron Lady is a great film. This trailer depicts Margaret Thatcher’s “public makeover” as she prepares to challenge for leadership of the Conservative Party:

And here’s some authentic footage which demonstrates the change:

Fr Longenecker (whom I’ve now quoted twice in two days!) has an interesting article on the cultural impact of “Thatcherism,” and its Catholic credentials: Was Thatcherism Catholic?

And finally, here is a remarkable video which captures Margaret Thatcher’s inimitable style. As radical as her policies were, I think this is the reason she is loved and loathed to such differing degrees.

“They’re a weak lot, some of them in Europe, you know. Weak. Feeble.” I have to admit: I laughed out loud.

“We need to pray and fast”

This is worth a read.
Fr Longenecker on anger, hate, and rage:

I have seen vile material in comboxes all over the internet. Neither is this simply a few nut cases who troll around spreading their filth. This is a global phenomenon, and it is truly frightening. To understand it we should be clear. This is not simply anger.


Gosh. Is it just me, or does Fr Kevin Lee, the Parramatta priest formally suspended yesterday, remind you of someone else?

I can’t quite place the similarity. Maybe it’s the fact they’re both married priests. Though of course only one of them is married sacramentally.

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