The Internet is teeming with pseudo-scientific tests like this Social Attitude Test.

What would make it really interesting is sitting the identical test every five or ten years. Do our attitudes change, or do we stand by principles hard and fast?

Everybody’s favourite blogger – or mine, anyway – was rated “a tender-minded moderate progressive.” Max resembles an “animal rights activist;” “an idealist with very few strong opinions.”

That’s a bit mushy for my taste, but it does make Max an engaging writer. I disagree with him a lot – but he’s always so fair-minded and agreeable about it!

But maybe I’m mushier – by one measure of this test, anyway. I’m “a very tender-minded moderate.” I’m compared to “a protective parent;” “an idealist with several strong opinions.”

Moderates aren’t generally associated with opinionated idealism, but that’s the least of my objections. I “appear laissez-faire capitalist.” Yuck! No complaints, though, with the claim that I have a “generally optimistic attitude towards humanity.”

To be honest, I don’t think this test is worth much. It’s almost certainly skewed towards American categories of political philosophy, which are quite different from our own.

Still, I’m curious. Sit the test and share your results. It only takes a minute.