This humble blog has been named in Catholic Dating Site’s 100 totally awesome blogs by Catholic priests. I’m joined in the list by another Aussie priest, Fr Richard Healy of the Diocese of Wollongong, who blogs at

The list is “arranged in no particular order,” but that hasn’t stopped a few Facebook friends congratulating me on my number 11 ranking.

The compilers of the list are good publicists. No one over there has actually read my blog — they’ve just plucked out a few of my main tags and described them out of context — but they have contacted all one hundred priests on the list and asked us to link to the list, “if you think that your readers may find it of interest.” Well, why not?

Here’s an explanation of their site:

Managed by Joseph Atkins, this site is the only dedicated resource for unbiased information and tips for safely using online Catholic dating websites. To achieve that goal, Catholic Dating Sites provides feature articles and blog posts designed to educate readers about the online dating options available to Catholic singles who are wondering whether trying a dating site is a good idea for them, and if so, which one to select.

Online dating is probably still a bit stigmatised. For example, I have prepared several couples for marriage who have told me they met online, but they weren’t exactly shouting this detail from the rooftops. They generally asked me not to tell anyone.

But the fruits speak for themselves. Online dating can lead to marriages. I’ve encouraged more than one good Catholic, who is fed up with the moral calibre of men or women they meet at pubs and nightclubs, to consider Catholic online dating. is a good first step.

Meanwhile, another Facebook friend has wondered if my ranking in the list “calls for a return to daily posting?” Well, yes. I have been slack. I’ll do better.