New Year’s resolution

New Year’s resolution

Maybe it’s already New Year’s Day by the time you’re reading this. I’m typing this in an airport lounge in Dubai, waiting for my connecting flight to Rome. I don’t know what day it is, much less what time it.

Nonetheless, I know the season! Time for a new year’s resolution or two! I reckon Catholics should be experts at this, since we make new resolutions every time we go to confession. Every time we celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation, we’re celebrating a personalised New Year’s Day.

I get why some people don't waste their time with new year resolutions, but this is why I like them.
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I get why some people don’t waste their time with new year resolutions, but this is why I like them.

There’s plenty more hours for me to mull over my new year resolutions, so I haven’t planned the detail, yet, but I’ve got the kind in mind.

One of them will be spiritual, and help me, I hope, to foster better presence of God. I’m thinking small. Something that a child could easily perform. And I think I’ll only do it once a week. Something eminently doable, which is no big deal if it’s done just once, but more significant if I can do it 52 times in the year.

I’ll pray about it during the next flight. I’m sure something will come to mind.

  • Resolutions are best when they are measurable, sustainable and attainable. I’ve decided to set my goals and review them in three months. Happy new year & resolution setting!

  • Cathy

    Going to Rome eh, half your luck Fr John! Love the Calvin and Hobbes comics ( spaceman spiff) my Brothers had them along with their Tin Tin and Asterix Comics as well as Star Wars collectables…..had no choice but to read them!
    New years resolution starts tommorrow for me, to use more wisely the time God has given me and stop procrastinating and grumbling about the jobs I do everyday 365 days of the year as a Mother! “sigh” Praying I dont fail!

  • Simon Hogan

    Happy New Year to all! I haven’t been to the movies for awhile! Last time I saw Johnny English in 2011!
    Now for some racing tips for tomorrow!
    Twlight racing at Moonee Valley tomorrow
    My tips are Race1 No3
    Race3 No12
    Race4 No4 and 10
    Race5 No10
    Rae7 No10
    Race8 No2 and 14.
    At Morphettville I like Race 5 No2
    Race 7no8 and Race8 No12! All these tips are eachway!
    Have a good trip Fr. Corrigan let me know if you see any race tracks or famous people!

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