New Bishop

New Bishop

Today is the feast of St Alphonsus Liguori, founder of the Redemptorists.

I imagine it’s no coincidence that Pope Benedict chose this day to announce that he is appointing Fr Paul Bird, a Redemptorist priest, the eighth bishop of Ballarat.

There’s not much I can add to the official CV. Editor of The Majellan magazine for 20 years; provincial of the Australian Redemptorists for 4. You can read the official stuff at the diocesan website.

I think Ballarat will have the only bishop in Australia who has composed his own mass setting. You can listen to the Mass of St Alphonsus at the Redemptorist website. (If the recordings evoke something of Paul Taylor’s more widespread Mass of St Francis, that’s probably because Paul Taylor is the organist in both recordings, and Larissa Cairns the cantor.)

I wonder if the Mass of St Alphonsus will echo around St Patrick’s Cathedral at Fr Bird’s ordination to the episcopacy? It’s not until 16 October, so there’s plenty of time to learn it!

  • Simon hogan

    You like breaking news don’t you fr.john. You are keeping us up to date with the real world. Coleraine races on Sunday and frankel is racing tonight he hasn’t lost a race. The is on 12.10am tonight.

    • Joel

      Yes he does Simon, yes he does. Well picked up on.

  • Terry Fitzgerald

    Interesting, well deserved and notable appointment … Congratulations Fr Bird

  • Florence

    Fr John, I guess Congratulations are in Order. I am really excited to meet Fr Bird but I guess I would have to wait to meet him on 16th October after he is ordained as Bishop of Ballarat. This is a very exciting time for Ballarat. I really do like Redemptorists.

    • Santiago

      He might be a little busy on 16th October!

      • Florence

        I guess he would be very busy, but I hope we would get a chance to meet him.

  • Jack Dwyer

    The date itself is significant, Father; it’s the anniversary of the election of Blessed John Paul II. It’s also the feast of St. Gerard Majella in the Novus Ordo Calendar, and St. Hedwig, a Widow, in the Extraordinary Form Calendar (along with about 20 others of varying fame…)!

    God Bless…

  • Comment

  • Simon Hogan

    Hello Fr. John does this mean you have to get permission from the new Bishop to continue your blog?

    Anyway what does the current Bishop and priests in your diocese think of your blog have you had much discussion about it?

    Maybe you should get the Bishop when he is retired to come on as a guest writer or a ghost writer. Why ghost writer because I gave a priest some titles what he book should be called when writes one and he told me that might use me as his ghost writer! The priest is Fr. Peter Hudson. I hope I don’t get into trouble mentioning his name.

    Finally does anyone call the the Bishop “Lord” anymore or has that gone out of fashion? What do the priests called their boss? The Lord or something else altogether?

    Hopefully I’ll give some tips late tomorrow for Coleraine on Sunday. It was meant to be at Hamilton but the track is too wet.

    • Actually, Simon, I never asked anyone’s permission to start a blog. Bishop Connors has mentioned it and given me some friendly advice: “Stick to ideas; don’t single out people.” That’s good advice that I have tried to follow since I received it. In fact, when I have failed to heed that advice, I’ve very often regretted it!!

      I think some priests read the blog, and others have never heard of it. Some priests think it’s a great idea; others probably wonder why I bother.

      The bishop doesn’t have the authority to stop my blog without a very grave reason. That reason would have to be grave enough to also strip me of the right to offer public mass and hear confessions.

      But having said that, if Bishop Bird did ask me to stop blogging, I would do so straight away. Nothing in my conscience compels me to blog, and obliging the bishop on this matter would do no harm, and might bring about a lot of good.

      Bishop Connors is very tech-savvy. He had an iPod before I had an iPod, and he had an iPad before I had an iPad. I’m sure he’d be quite a capable blogger, but I can’t imagine he’s envisaged blogging as part of his retirement. Maybe I’ll ask him next I see him! Ha ha.

  • Simon Hogan

    Here are some tips for tomorrow at Coleraine.
    The first race starts at 12.45 and last race is at 4.50pm.
    Race 1. Hurdle
    7. Court Ruler trained by Brett Scott.
    4. Champion Chestnut
    9. Stillman – watch out for him next year too.

    Race2. Maiden Hurdle
    Trick race
    11. Pop’s Revival another Brett Scott runner look for improvement in him.
    1. Auspicous- C. Maher trains it from Windslow
    9. Lunara Nova
    7. General Mackjosh- this one my favourite horses doesn’t win very often but been going good over the jumps. don’t leave him out of your trifectas.
    Race3 Hightweight Maiden.
    7. War Hawk- trained by Jarrod Mclean and ridden by brother Brad Mclean.
    1. Big City Dreams
    2. Egyptian Waltz- Trained by Gary Lamb only a hobby trainer in Warrnambool.
    11. Prussian Made.
    Race 4. Maiden
    3. Just call Me Bruce- could be called after someon famous who loves sport.
    12. Sunburst – Should run cheeky race.
    5. Speedway Fury
    10. Outback Nat.

    Race5 is called Fields of Coleraine Handicap
    Small field but reckond Charming Sophie should be hard to beat.
    Race 6 Rating of 68 just rating of your horse.
    1. Arch Pegasus
    9. Pickme
    6. Gold Bridian
    8. Simply Aussie
    Race 7.This is rating of 62.
    4. Royal Riley
    5. Genuine Red.
    12. Poppa Tom
    8. Tonto’s Pride.
    Race8 Handicap
    10. Lake View – should run cheeky race at big odds
    4. Darwin George- The Darwin cup is on Monday about 5.50 pm
    7. Midnight Bus
    6. Last Dancer.
    And tip for Seymour Race6 No5 Red Sole and Race7 No10. Born this Way. I see Jackie Beriman riding at Seymour might be one to follow.

    The Coleraine Cup is on September 30th – the day after the AFL Grand Final. and don’t forget to watch the Darwin Cup on Monday. Now I am off to watch the football on TV and tape Mass For You At Home because I think Fr. Binh Le will be on. he was on last week. and yes Bruno is on there!

    Happy Punting and have a great Sunday from Simon the Pieman.

  • Simon Hogan

    Joel I hope I have found you a winner or two. all these tips are all good each-way chances. Maybe I should organise that you can become part owner of a horse if you’re allowed?
    Keep Well.

  • Simon Hogan

    I not trying to me a smarty pants. But I tipped you all a winner Just Called Me Bruce paid $21 for a win and $4.40 place and Sunburst ran second
    Champion Chestnut ran second.
    Pop’s Revival ran second and General Mackjosh ran third
    and finally Red Sole ran second.
    Coleraine only had four races then they stopped it due to the track. Did anyone have big win on the weekend?

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