The Hamilton presbytery is currently undergoing renovations. It’s not like walls are being removed – it’s only a matter of removing some carpet and polishing the floorboards. But even this small task is disruptive.

Consequentially, I’m in Melbourne on a day I’d normally be in Hamilton. So against all odds, I’m able to accept tickets to a screening of The Triumph, which is a feature-length documentary on the alleged apparitions at Medjugorje:

The Church has not categorically judged the Medjugorje apparitions, and cannot, until the alleged apparitions cease. Since the Church has not judged, nor have I.

I know people who are utterly convinced these apparitions are authentic, and I know people who are utterly convinced they are false. Some proclaim the conversions Medjugorje has fostered. Others insist the Medjugorje phenomenon is spiritually dangerous.

I’ve heard arguments from both sides, and both cases are strong. Sometimes I veer towards believing; other times I veer towards scepticism. Most of the time I don’t give Medjugorje  any thought or attention at all.

I’ll approach the film with an open mind, and I intend to leave the film with an open mind.

This is the final screening of The Triumph in Melbourne, at least for some time. So if you’d like to watch it yourself, it’s now or never.

7pm, Tuesday 17 September.

Kino Cinema 45 Collins Street, Melbourne CBD.

No tickets available from the box office. Book with ($15 + 20cent booking fee).

Enquiries: Leo Daly 02 9428 1360 (AH) or

Incidentally, a friend of mine has seen the full length movie and says it’s nothing like the trailer. That’s not a bad thing! The trailer evokes, I think, Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit adaptions. The film itself, my friend advises, is more serious, less sensational, and highly recommended.