How to chill beer fast —
or, Happy Australia Day!

Australia Day is a bit of a novelty for me. In my seminary years, I often missed it because I was overseas.

Seminarians’ summers are very long, which is something any sensible person would relish! Ten week breaks in the life of a priest are unheard of. Still, even holidays can get monotonous. So I sometimes spent part of my summer holidays on missionary activity.

Only two years ago I celebrated Australia Day in Saigon, repainting an orphanage and assisting in the care of a hundred plus children. (You can tell I’m on mission because I’m reprising my bad impression of St Francis Xavier.)

This year, I celebrated Australia Day in Hamilton’s Botanic Gardens, which are uncommonly beautiful. Three St Mary’s parishioners became Australian citizens today!

In the spirit of Australia Day, I’m now broadcasting an important public service announcement. If only I’d know about this three days ago, I would not have resorted to Cascade Light when the VB proved too warm!

(Language warning: a “high-level profanity” is uttered in this video. It is gratuitous, but not particularly offensive. This is especially true since it is delivered with an Irish accent!)

  • Geoff

    I had to laugh….
    Tried this tonight…..but with a bottle of coke. I thought fantastic…just bought coke from the supermarket so let the science experiment begin.
    It was only after I used all the ice in the fridge and a packet of salt, that someone said to me…..’why don’t you just pour the coke into the glass and add some ice?’…..’it will still be as cold’……
    Point taken.
    Oh well… time I’ll try with beer.

    • Well, you could always do what they do in Saigon. That is, put ice directly into beer too!

      In any event, the path you chose Geoff was the better one! The salt lowers water’s freezing point, so your Coke was immersed in a sub-zero environment. Ice straight into the Coke won’t lower its temperature as much.

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